About ZOOfanatika
What is ZOOfanatika
          ZOOfanatika is the meetings of zoo enthusiasts and collectors of zoo materials, which always takes place in some zoo and in collaboration with it. To some extent, it is analogue of Zoohistorica (Europe-wide exchange meeting of collectors), however it has same de facto two points only and then only partially, everything else is only in ZOOfanatika.
           In addition to exchange collector's swapping of materials and auction whose proceeds go to a rescue programs, the ZOOfanatika consists of a series of expert lectures, discussions with staff, guided tours (including the backstage), sales materials and presentations of other zoos, lectures and discussions with some important person in zoology etc. .
            All including accommodation and meals is organized.

What difference is between ZOOfanatika and Zoohistorica
1) Zoohistorica is Europe-wide and thus everybody speaks mainly English and German, ZOOfanatika is focused on Slavic participants (but open to all), and so Czech is the main language. All information is also in English, widely spoken is Polish, but the whole program is in Czech only.

2) Zoohistorica is solely collector's action, ZOOfanatika is also for zoo-fans. Zoohistorica has only swapping of materials and auction, ZOOfanatika entire three-day programme (lectures, guided tour etc.), including some very original points (eg. sale of materials and presentations of other zoos, talk with an important person in zoology etc.)

3) Price of Zoohistorica is usually about 35 € and includes registration fee, admission fee to the zoo, everything else is paid by every one, price of ZOOfanatika is 350 CZK and includes one dinner, toast, non-stop basic refreshments (coffee, tea, water, biscuits, sticks etc.), admission fee to the zoo is free, including guided tours, as well as lectures.

4) Zoohistorica runs almost without the participation of the zoo, ZOOfanatika in close cooperation with the zoo.

5) In case of Zoohistorica, solely collectors give items to the auction, in case of ZOOfanatika, also participants donated items, but a "highlight" (usually more pieces) of the auction is devoted by the zoo.

6) Each participant of Zoohistorica have to arrange for himself meals and accommodation, all participants of ZOOfanatika have assured accommodation and meals by the organizers, for prearranged much better prices.

7) On Zoohistorica people pay 5 € fee per table (for the exchange), on ZOOfanatika 90 CZK, but also "half-table" for CZK 50 is possible

8) At both events a joint photo is made, on ZOOfanatiika, everybody gets postcard with this photo (next year).

9) Zoohistorica has not a settled organizational structure, for example, there is nobody specific, who decides where next year will be, someone else is organizer every year, ZOOfanatika has its organizers.

How ZOOfanatika arised
          Price of Zoohistorica (not only participation fee, but also transport, accommodation, meals) is relatively high for us Eastern Europeans, sometimes the venue is far and there are traffic problems. That was the reason for the initial idea to a similar meeting in the Czech small scale. Another reason was very low (often zero) participation of Czechs and Slovaks. This first idea was born about 2011 when it already 22nd Zoohistorica was held in Leipzig. As probably the greatest collectors in the Czech Republic (Roman Hynek and Martin Vobruba), we have discussed this many times in the course of two - three years, but it did not lead anywhere, it stayed at the discussions.
         On January 2014, director of Dvůr Králové ZOO, Přemek Rabas, called me, if it would be possible to arrange Zoohistorica in Dvůr - on the same or next year. I asked for it, but the venue was apparently occupied for about 6 years (due to the unorganized Zoohistorica, finaly it was not true). Director of the Zoo Dvůr Králové responded by saying if we want to make some such self action - Czech. We agreed quickly and started arrangements. From the beginning we said that we can not do it just for collectors, but we have to do also for other zoo-enthusiasts, therefore with a complete program. We feared that the Czech and Slovak collectors arrive not much, because of that the original version was for the Czechs, Slovaks and Poles - so without language barriers. In no time, we have expanded it to all Slavs (who should understand), and finally we opened ZOOfanatika to all (although the program is only in Czech). A working title of ZOOmánie was used at that time, until later we found out that there are plenty zoománias (i.a. also a sort of children's program on TV), so the change to ZOOfanatika has come.
         The Zoo gave us a blank cheque in the program and was willing to help, so we can in a very short time not only organize the whole ZOOfanatiku, ie. an exchange, the entire program, but also arrange other services such as accommodation and meals at discounted prices and last but not least also to create a Facebook page and namely contact potential participants. The first ZOOfanatika took place just three months from the initial impulse - 3 months after the first calling of zoo director, who of course demanded Zoohistorica...
           Even before than the first ZOOfanatika started, we agreed to continue every year, next time in Pilsen...
ZOOfanatika 2014 - 2022
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