ZOOfanatika - program scheme
Each ZOOfanatika is and will be different, nevertheless all have approximately same common scheme (although it may not be this way always).


The date is very variable - depending on many factors. It is planned far in advance (from about October - November of the previous year), so that it is impossible to take account of the weather. Yet there is one rule - ZOOfanatika is always before Easter (ideally 1-2 weeks before that, but it is not an absolute rule).

1) arrival of the participants in the morning (until noon), then registration, accommodation, welcome participants or lunch eventually
2) introduce of participants - each says a few words about himself
3) lecture about the host zoo, eventually also other lectures
4) lecture about the subject of the auction (for what proceeds will be used)
5) joint dinner and toast (included in the price), icebreak

1) breakfast
2) in morning parallel exchange of collector's items and the clearance sale of materials and presentations of other zoos (the first hour for the participants, then for the public)
3) lunch
4) commented visit including part of the backstage
6) dinner
7) auction for rescue programs
8) discussion, icebreak

1) breakfast
2) expert lectures
3) discussion with staff
4) discussion with an important person in zoology
5) presentation of the zoo, which will host ZOOfanatika next year
6) conclusion of ZOOfanatika, lunch
7) eventually other special possibilities for interested persons

Other common points:
1) breaks (usually 15 min) are among the schedule items
2) meal is always at the zoo - ordered in advance and for more competitive prices (it is paid special meal vouchers), Friday dinner and a toast is included in the price
3) drinking at the restaurant pays every one
4) accommodation is as close to the zoo as possible - ordered in advance and at more competitive prices
5) individual visits of the zoo is possible instead of the program or on Sunday or after ZOOfanatika
ZOOfanatika 2014 - 2022
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