ZOOfanatika 2016 - summary
Date of performance:
4th - 6th March 2016
Venue: ZOO Hluboká nad Vltavou
Number of participants: 52 (of that 14 participants of swapping) - see list and joint photo
Fees: 350 CZK (includes one dinner,toast, basic refreshment and so on)
Accommodation: Youth House of Vocational School of Electrotechnology (Domov mládeže SOŠE) (price: 245 CZK / person - including breakfast)
Eating: Restaurant ZOO (unified price for each meal 80 CZK) - see menu

PROGRAM - see schedule
Number of specialist lectures and presentations: 6 - ZOO Hluboká (RNDr. Roman Kössl); 7000 km with bears aboard ship (mgr. Ivan Kubát), Disney's Animal Kingdom and other zoos of Florida (RNDr. Roman Kössl), Rescue program for European pond turtles in Czech republic (RNDr. Martin Šandera, Ph.D.); Creation of artificial rocks, trees, banks etc. in zoos (ing. Jiří Gábriš); ZOO Jihlava (mgr. Pavla Jarošová)
Discussion with important person of zoology: Simona Gábrišová (head keeper of giant pandas and koalas in Tiergarten Schönbrunn)
Presence in materials sell-off and zoo presentation: ZOO Hluboká nad Vltavou, ZOO Jihlava, ZOO Ústí nad Labem, ZOO Ostrava, ZOO Košice
Other points: commented visit (including part of backstage); talk with zoo staff
Special possibility: visit of Breeding and Rehabilitation Facility (CHARZA) of Prague zoo in Dolní Dobřejov

Presence: 55 people
Auctioneering, presenting and leading of the auction: Richard Viduna, Roman Hynek, Martin Vobruba
Items of the auction: printed propagation materials, coins, posters, cups, t-shirts, books, puzzle, tables of animals, shell of nautillus...
Highlight donated by the zoo:
1) feeding and enrichment of Himalayan brown bears (for 2 persons); 2) otters feeding (for 2 persons); 3) complete historic issue of plans for rebuilding of the Zoo Hluboká (1973); 4) set of commemorative coins embedded in a 800-year-old wood (part of the trunk of 300-years-old tree, which was another 500 years under water)
Proceeds: 15,270 CZK
Usage of the auction proceeds: for Rescue programme for European pond turtle in Czech republic
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