ZOOfanatika 2017 - summary
Date of performance:
7th - 9th April 2017
Venue: ZOO Jihlava
Number of participants: 60 (21 of that were participants of swapping) - see list and joint photo
Fees: 370 CZK (includes one dinner - barbecue, toast, beer, basic refreshment and so on)
Accommodation: Youth House of Vocational School of Sociology of Our Lady (Domov mládeže Střední odborné školy sociální U Matky Boží) (price: 200 CZK / person)
Eating: Restaurant U vlků (unified price for each meal 85 CZK); joint dinner - ZOOFanatika barbecue; breakfast - self made (price 50 CZK) - see menu

PROGRAM - see schedule
Number of specialist lectures and presentations: 6 - ZOO Jihlava (Radka Vaňková, Richard Viduna); Conservation of marine turtles in Indonesia (Hana Svobodová), Zoological Gardens of Columbia (Richard Viduna), History of Zoological gardens - Part 1 - History of animal breeding (Roman Hynek); History of zoological gardens - Part 2 - Ancient menageries (Roman Hynek); About some animals of Jihlava zoo (Richard Viduna, Pavel Hájek); Conservation of wetlands in Czech republic (Jaromír Maštera); ZOO Dvůr Králové nad Labem (Zdeněk Čermák)
Discussion with important person of zoology: Lubomíra Ševčíková (long-time employee of Jihlava zoo)
Presence in materials sell-off and zoo presentation: ZOO Jihlava, ZOO Chleby, ZOO Bratislava
Other points: commented visit (including part of backstage); talk with zoo staff
Special possibility: visit of Pavlov Station

Presence: 57 people
Auctioneering, presenting and leading of the auction: Richard Viduna, Roman Hynek, Martin Vobruba
Items of the auction: printed propagation materials, coins, posters, cups, t-shirts, books, puzzle, tables of animals, rhea egg, tablecloth of Josef Vágner (Zoo Dvůr Králové)...
Highlight donated by the zoo:
1) keeper of giraffes in Jihlava Zoo; 2) seals and sun bear feeding; 3) sheet of stamps of Jihlava Zoo; 4) complete set of commemorative coins embedded in historical artefact of Jihlava zoo
Proceeds: 20,270 CZK
Usage of the auction proceeds: for Conservation of wetlands of Vysočina (The Highlands)
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