ZOOfanatika 2019 - summary
Date of performance:
1April 2019
Venue: Zoo Bratislava
Number of participants: 51 (16 of that were participants of swapping) - see list and joint photo
Fees: 440 CZK (includes one dinner and toast)
Accommodation: Hotel Kamenný Mlýn Vajarský (price: 390 or 450 CZK / person); Drunk Tank (150 CZK / person); zoo club and tants (for free)
Eating: transported from Hotel Kamenný Mlýn Vajarský (unified price for lunch and dinner, both including soup and transport 140 CZK), self made breafkfats (60 CZK) - see menu

PROGRAM - see schedule
Number of specialist lectures and presentations: 10 - Zoo Bratislava (Mgr. Katarína Gregušová); Zoos of Finland and Aland Islands 1st and 2nd part (Roman Hynek), History of zoological gardens - 5th Part - Middle Ages (since 1350) (Roman Hynek); Ontogeny of sub-adult male of Sumatran Orangutan in conditions of Bratislava Zoo (Mgr. Monika Benkovská); Zoological facilities in Czech lands and Slovakia - 2nd Part (until 1945) (mgr. Martin Vobruba); Breeding of Kirk's dik-dik in Bratislava Zoo (RNDr. Martina Nemčeková, PhD., Simona Halušová and Dominika Demjanová); Planned new bear enclosure of Bratislava Zoo (Ing. Miloslava Šavelová); Seal Rescue Ireland (Eliška Churaňová); Zoo Ostrava (Šárka Nováková)
Discussion with important person of zoology: Mgr. Erich Kočner (director of Košice Zoo and president of UCSZOO)
Presence in materials sell-off and zoo presentation: ZOO Bojnice, ZOO Košice, ZOO Dvorec
Other points: commented visit (including part of backstage)
Special possibility: visit of Faunapark Sedlec

Presence: 51 people
Auctioneering, presenting and leading of the auction: Roman Hynek, Martin Vobruba, Richard Viduna
Items of the auction: printed propagation materials; coins, posters, cups, t-shirts, ties, books, puzzle, tables of animals, complete sets of commemorative coins of Zoo Wrocław, Zoo Warszawa, Zoo Płock, Zoo Bydgoszcz a Zoo Opole...
Highlight donated by the zoo:
1-3) stopping at rhinos and other experience programs; 2) historical annual reports of Bratislava Zoo; 3) dermoplastic head of ibex; 4) books of Basel Zoo
Proceeds: 66,164 CZK (6,547 CZK of that was for accomodation in Drunk Tank and donations)
Usage of the auction proceeds: for building of new bear enclosure of Bratislava Zoo
ZOOfanatika 2014 - 2019
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