ZOOfanatika 2020 - information

ZOOFanatika 2020
7th year of Slavic meeting of zoo-materials collectors and zoo-fans

17th - 19 th April 2020  In substitute date from 9th to 11th October 2020 in Ostrava Zoological Garden Dvůr Králové Safari Park (www.safaripark.cz).

to main parking (no. 5 in the map), parking during the ZOOFanatika according to accommodation (see accommodation).

If you have not your own car, it is best to agree with some of the other participants who will come by car (from Prague for example) - it can be done for example through Facebook of ZOOfanatika.
If you will come by public transport, the bus is more advantageous than train (see timetables on IDOS).
Train: express trains go from Prague Central Station (Hlavní nádraží) to Jaroměř, there you have to change to slow train. The journey takes about 2.5 hours (price around 220 CZK). It is similar also from other cities (change in Jaroměř or / and in Hradec Králové).
From train station it is about 5 km.
Bus: several direct buses go from Prague station Černý most (where is underground) up to Dvůr Králové. The journey takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes and the price is around 200 CZK.
From bus station it is about 2,5 km. Bus from the main bus station to bus stop at zoo goes about once a hour (7 minutes of travel).

First entry to the zoo: by Hotel Safari (2), where each tell his name and will be admitted to the hotel hall.
Registration: in the hotel lounge (3) where was 1st ZooFanatika
The other entry to / from zoo: by Hotel Safari (2) or main entrance (1), eventually service entrance (7) - only for accommodated in the zoo

Note: the area in front of the restaurant and the lounge will be closed due to the running construction - access to the lounge from the outside will be only from side of African wild dogs, and to the restaurant only from side of lemurs (see map below)

Charge for adult is 440 CZK, for child (under 15 years) 380 CZK and includes one join dinner, one toast drink (children and driver non-alcoholic), basic refreshment during all the program (coffee, tea, bottled water, biscuit, sticks, chips etc.) and overhead and other costs (identification tags, printing, etc.). Moreover there have be mentioned also free admission to the zoo in all three days, a substantial discount on meals and other extra things. Participants of last year will get a postcards with joint photo.
The table for collector's swap is for extra charge 90 CZK. The other possibility is only half of the table for 50 CZK.
Payment - cash in the zoo (in CZK).

several different accommodations have been agreed, but the situation is not standard - the reorganization was very hasty and at the last minute - each accommodation has its own specifics, so there is no choice - we ourselves accommodate you as needed to accommodate everyone.

1) Accommodation capacities in the zoo (4 different places - A1 - A4) - about 12 places, but only for a larger number of people in the rooms (not for couples, individuals etc.). Price 250 CZK per person and night. Parking in the parking lot in front of the service entrance (8) - there are few parking spaces

2) Tourist guest house of SPOŠ DK (B) - near the zoo; simple accommodation, shared bathroom facilities, there are a lot of places but only in 4 - 6 bed rooms, it is not possible to accommodate from Thursday (not for couples, individuals etc.). Price 200 CZK per person and night. Parking in the hostel or main zoo parking (5). (GPS: 50°26'2.757"N, 15°48'31.129"E • www.ssis-dm.cz/ubytovani)

3) Penzion u Venduly (C) - short bit from the zoo (opposite the historic zoo entrance); very good accommodation, but only 5 rooms (preferentially for couples, families etc.). Price 480 CZK per person and night. Parking in the area of the pension (beware, parking may be more complicated if there are other cars) or on zoo main parking (5). (GPS: 50°26'6.989"N, 15°48'8.206"E • www.pensionuvenduly.cz)

How to order the accommodation:
write me by e-mail how many nights you are interested in and with whom you want to live (see Registering), I will then write you where you will be accommodated

How to accommodate:
In the zoo and in the Tourist guest house - you will receive the room keys upon registration
In the Pension U Venduly - each individually (accommodation will be booked, but you will pay yourself on the spot)

all meals will be in Restaurant U lemura (4), only breakfasts in the hotel lounge
Join dinner and toast at Friday: included in the price (of ZOOFanatika)
Breakfasts: 60 CZK
Lunches and dinner: 85 CZK (lunch incl. soup)
See the menu.

Meals will be served for the meal vouchers that everyone receives at registration. It will not be possible to choose from the menu.

How to order the meal:
see Registering

Other refreshment:
biscuits, sticks, chips etc. will be available non-stop for free as well as also coffee, tea and soft drinks.


The situation is non-standard, so registering is non-standard too...

Already registered (to Ostrava): just write by e-mail
a) for which night do you request accommodation,eventually with whom do you want to live
b) which food you are interested in
c) whether you require a table for the auction

Still not registered:
as registereds + full name and contact details (address, phone)

Just copy the following text into the email and delete what doesn't fit:
I am interested in
accommodation on: TH, FR, SA.
meal: FR-lunch, SA-breakfast, SA-lunch, SA-dinner, SU-breakfast, SU-lunch
exchange: table, half table

send it to rh☼romanhynek.cz (change ☼ for @)

After receiving your e-mail, I will write you the final price and possibly instructions.

 Dead line for the registering is 1st October 2020!!!

in Sunday, there is possibility for interested persons make organized visit of Zoo Chleby where its owner, René Franěk will guide us. (www.zoochleby.cz)
Departure from Dvůr Králové at 13.00 (by own cars), the journey takes about 90 minutes. On the site (in main parking), there all will wait to the last people - tour will be organized (in the group). GPS: 50°13'21.838"N, 15°5'33.929"E.  Who will not be by own car, that can agree with some of the other participants - through Facebook of ZOOfanatika or on the spot.

the program will be again interesting, none of the traditional points missing - there is prepared 7 lectures, collector's exchange, presentation of the zoo and the clearance sale of materials (in carnivores house, 9), auction, commented tour of the zoo (this time without backstage due to coronavirus), lecture and talk with an important person of Dvur kralove Zoo, who will be Pavel Holejšovský - a witness who has known the Dvůr Králové Zoo for more than 50 years - former employee of the Zoo (in the time of Josef Vágner), he works in the zoo (externally) to this day. Moreover in Sunday, there is already mentioned special possibility of visit of Chleby Zoo. See. complete detailed program
beginning: Friday 9th October 2020, arrival between 9  and 10 AM
end: Sunday 11th October 2020, departure 1.00 PM from Dvůr Králové (alternatively ca. 4.00 PM from Chleby)

will be in the hotel lounge (3), if someone needs to bring materials by car, it is possible to drive to the hotel car parking (6). After unloading the materials, the car must be parked again in the main parking (5).

Proceeds from the auction will be used for rhinos projects
The auction will be held in Czech crowns, but payment will be possible and also in € (conversion will be shown on screen - like in Bratislava).
In the auction there were traditionally items donated by the participants and traditionally also something more valuable in addition - what the zoo give to the auction. Specific items will not be announced in advance this time (due to the situation), but there is one very unconventional - curious and de facto unattainable.



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