ZOOfanatika 2022 - information

ZOOFanatika 2022
9th year of Slavic meeting of zoo-materials collectors and zoo-fans

from 8th to 10th April 2022 in Ostrava Zoological Garden (www.zoo-ostrava.cz).

by service entrance (no. 2 in the map, GPS: 49°50'42.121"N, 18°19'02.631"E) to service parking (no. 3 in the map), don't park in main parking at entrance of the zoo! Parking during the ZOOFanatika on the same place or better at the place of accommodation.
Way to the parking:
left from the main entrance, beside the public parking, there is Stromovka street and 150 m from the crossroad there is the service entrance, after that straight on and on the first turning turn right (direction to flamingos)
Park cars one beside and behind the other - as close as possible - even if blocking each other (you will be leaving together anyway) - the place for cars of the zoo and staff has to remain!

If you have not your own car, it is best to agree with some of the other participants who will come by car (from Prague for example) - it can be done for example through Facebook of ZOOfanatika.
Lines to the zoo, if you will come by public transport:
Train: from central station (Hlavní nádraží) by trolleybus no. 102 to the stop of "Vozovna trolejbusů" - 3 stops, 4 minutes (3 - 5 times per hour on weekdays and 3 times in weekends), from here by trolleybus no. 104 to the zoo - 8 stops, 11 minutes (daily 3 - 6 times per hour)
Bus: from Central bus station (ÚAN - Ústřední autobusové nádraží) on foot to stop of "Náměsti republiky" (about 300 m by pedestrian underpass), from here by trolleybud no. 104 to the zoo - 9 stops, 19 minutes (daily 3 - 6 times per hour)
Plane: from Leoš Janáček Airport (Letiště Leoše Janáčka, formerly know as Ostrva - Mošnov) to Ostrava ÚAN (Central bus station) and from here see Bus.

First entry to the zoo (by car): by service entrance (no. 2 in the map) - there will be a name list at the gatehouse - just reporting the name is enough
First entry to the zoo (by foot): by main entrance (no. 1 in the map) - there will be a name list at the cash box - just reporting the name is enough
Registration: in the educational centre (no. 5 in the map)
The other entry to / from zoo: by service entrance (no. 2 in the map) with identification tag. Arrival / departure or entrance / exit in the time when the service entrance is closed (6 PM - 6 AM) will be by night service entrance (no. 4 in the map)

Charge for adult is 590 CZK, for child (under 15 years) 530 CZK and includes one join dinner, one toast drink (children and driver non-alcoholic), basic refreshment during all the program (coffee, tea, lemon water, biscuit, sticks, chips etc.) and overhead and other costs (identification tags, printing, etc.). Moreover there have be mentioned also free admission to the zoo in all three days, a substantial discount on meals and other extra things. Participants of last year will get a postcards with joint photo.
The table for collector's swap is for extra charge € 3,50. The other possibility is only half of the table for € 2.
Payment - by bank transfer in CZK (see info in the application), foreigners cash in the zoo (in CZK).

You can register and order all else (i.e. accommodation, meals and table for swapping) by one PDF form. Only to fill out and send it to the e-mail (contact in the form) suffices. Save filled out application form under your name in the shape family_firstname.pdf (details in the application form). One application is required for each participant. Dead line for the registering is 3rd April 2022!!!

The registration will be possible this time only from the turn of February and March - given the current pandemic situation and also due to the accommodation (the exact number of beds / rooms we will have available, will be confirmed at the end of February). After that, we will send a PDF application to regular participants by e-mail and place it here for other interested people.

accommodation in Jan Opletal High school dormitories (Dormitories of Ostrava University) (www.koleje.osu.cz; no. 9 in the map) is arranged accommodation for those interested. The dormitory is about 1 km from the zoo entrance, so about 10 minutes by walk (alternatively 2 stops by trolleybus no. 111 from main street).

right at the dormitory is a small parking lot (P1 on the map), another small parking lot is across the crossroads at Gymnasium (P3 on the map) and last - a large parking lot is a little further (as if behind of the dormitory back) at Penny Market (P2 on the map).

double or triple student rooms with sanitary facilities in the hallway, collective kitchen etc. Rooms, sanitary facilities and everything else is very decent - see. the photo gallery of dormitories

Price (incl. city tax):
350 CZK + 21 CZK city tax / bed / night (in double room) or 300 CZK + 21 CZK city tax / bed / night (in triple room) - however, the whole room is paid - including unoccupied beds (ie 700 CZK / double room or 900 CZK / triple room + city taxes for the number of persons and nights). If you want to l stay together, you have to make an appointment and send the application form at the same time.

How to order the accommodation:
through the application form for ZOOfanatika (see above). We will order the accommodation continuously and namely, so specify (in the application form) with whom you want to stay in one room. Roommates, order at one time - we will order rooms only after they have been filled (i.e. when everybody from one room send me the application)!!!

How to accommodate:
individually during the way to the zoo or anytime after that. Reception staff will have a name list of accommodated guests. You will not pay anything, accommodation will be paid.

Individual accommodation:
if the accommodation is not suit to anyone, they can arrange others individually - individuals have a better chance.
Cheap hostels in Ostrava and the surrounding area do not want to book beds in longer advance, because they prefer to accommodate companies (for long-term) and other accommodation in Ostrava is generally quite expensive (especially near the zoo) and mostly with a small capacity. Near the zoo (about a kilometer) there is Studentská rezidence Slezská (Student Residence) with a hotel and prices for a bed of the order of 100 - 200 CZK. However a renovation will be there since January, so also the capacity will be reduced to just 15 beds, but if you will be quick you might succeed (especially for students it might be appropriate).

Join dinner and toast at Friday: included in the price (of ZOOFanatika) - the dinner will be in Saola restaurant including the toast with Champagne (for children and drivers non-alcoholic).

Breakfasts: self made breakfasts from bought  foodstuffs (similarly as it was in Jihlava and Bratislava) - in the educational centre (no. 5 in the map). Price 65 CZK.

Lunches and dinner: price of 120 CZK for lunch and also dinner (lunch including soup) is arranged. Both will be in Saola restaurant (no. 6 in the map) - prepared specially for us and it will not be possible to select from the menu. It is possible to provide gluten-free diet (the requirement must be notified by e-mail when sending the application). See the menu.

Meals will be served for the meal vouchers that everyone receives at registration.

How to order the meal:
through the application form for ZOOfanatika.

Other refreshment:
biscuits, sticks, chips etc. will be available non-stop for free as well as also coffee, tea and soft drinks.

we do not plan to visit any other zoo due to the unpredictable situation, but anybody an attend in organized visit of the Ostrava zoo greenhouses.

the program will be again interesting, none of the traditional points missing - there is prepared 10 lectures, collector's exchange, presentation of the zoo and the clearance sale of materials, auction, commented tour of the zoo (with part of the backstage), lecture and talk with an important person of zoology, who will be Jaroslav Svoboda - co-founder and president of foundation of Česká zoo (Czech zoo) – organizer od Bílý slon competition (White elphant) – for more important breeding (birth), building and renovation in zoos of Czech republic and Slovakia). See. complete detailed program
beginning: Friday 8th April 2022, arrival between 9  and 10 AM
end: Sunday 10th April 2022, departure 2.45 PM from Ostrava

will be in the educational centre, if someone needs to bring materials by car, to drive from the service parking just to the educational centre is possible (after reporting). After the collector's material unloading, the car must be parked again in the service parking (driving of "non-zoological" cars in the zoo is prohibited since 9 AM). After the swap, your materials will be transported to the service parking by zoo service car.

Proceeds from the auction will be used for: The Kukang Rescue Program
The auction will be held in Czech crowns, but payment will be possible and also in € (conversion will be shown on screen - like in Bratislava or Liberec).
In the auction there were traditionally items donated by the participants and traditionally also something more valuable in addition - usually several objects or items, it will not be different also in Ostrava. The items will be specified.


Download map of the ZOO in printable PDF


Download map of zoo entrance in printable PDF


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