Oganisers of ZOOfanatika
• ZOO-collecting: all classical printed zoo materials (postcards, brochures, leaflets, annual reports...), stickers, pins... The collection of the materials from all the world is may be largest in Czech republic. Own production of postcards.
• ZOO-interests: zoos of the world and especially history of zoological gardens. Administrator and author of the Internet database of world zoologicalgardens – WZD (www.wzd.cz). He visited more than 700 zoos in Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Pacific.
• ZOO-education: SOUZ Čakovice – keeper of exotic animals
• ZOO-experiences: ZOO Liberec (keeper 1990 - 1994), ZOO Chleby (member of board of directors, resp. supervisory board since 2006), and other activities in zoos (as self-employment) - graphics and production of propagation materials (ZOO Chleby, ZOO Prak Vyškov, ZOO Ohrada, Veřejné akvárium Česká Lípa... since 2004), creation of reinforced concrete sculptures (ZOO Chleby, 2010 - 2012); creation of reinforced concrete decorations and similar things (ZOO Dvůr Králové n.L., since 2014); cooperation on selling memory zoo-monets (Czech rep., Slovakia, Poland, since 2014)

• ZOO-collecting: postcards (also own production) about 15 000 pcs, annual reports, leporelos, guides, books
• ZOO-interests: visiting zoos in Europe, photographing, development of collections in Czech and Slovak zoos, geting to know individual specimens of transparent animals; Czech and Slovak zoo-corners, mini-zoos, defunct and "non-arisen" zoos
• ZOO-education: self-study
• ZOO-experiences: press agent, propagation of ZOO Plzeň, since 1998

ZOOfanatika 2014 - 2019
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